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Acne Skin Treatment – 5 Crucial Tips

Acne is any skin problem such as white heads, blackheads or even pimples. This is caused mainly because of hormonal imbalances or food intake which lead to the blockage of skin cells by either skin oils or sebum. A lot of youngsters and few adults often face this problem. They always try to find different ways and most of them end up by going with a expensive treatment. There are few manual and natural methods to control acne without professional help. There are certain steps to be followed before actually jumping into the solution for finding treatment for acne. This can be found out by following certain steps.

1) The first step is analyzing which means that examining and knowing the type of skin that you have, it may be either dry or oily skin.
2) The second most step is to find the type of acne that you are facing it may be either black heads, white heads or pimples.
3) The third step is to find the method which suits your problem.

There are two important procedures that you have to keep in mind in order to control them as well as avoid them from occurring in future they are
1) Prevention
2) Skin treatments

Prevention of acne formation:

1) Controlled diet : The very first thing you need to keep in mind is the food. Foods containing much oils, fats, sugars, carbohydrates should be avoided and more quantity of fruits, sprouts and salads must be taken for oil control. By doing this the level of oil in your body gets stabilised and controlled.
2) Universal solvent Water : As water is a universal solvent it mixes with the fluids and blood running in your body and dissolves the oil that is blocking your skin cells thereby preventing acne from occurring. Drink water more on a regular basis, 1-2 glasses of water would do just fine. It is preferred by most of the dermatologists to drink more water in early morning.
3) Cleansing and Moisturising : Cleansing is a method of external application which cleans the blockades of your skin pores whereas moisturising is a method of nurturing your skin and regulating oils. Cleansing and moisturising of skin is very prominent for everyone, especially for people facing the acne problem.
4) Removal of Blackheads : Care should be taken that removal of blackheads should be there such that future pimples formation are prevented.
5) Avoiding Improper Materials : Avoiding material which is harsh on skin like gels, sun creams and avoiding unknown cosmetics will prevent the formation of acne.

Skin Treatments:

1) A blend of garlic and milk should be made and applied on skin this solution can be made by soaking garlic in milk for approximately 20-40 minutes before applying. Before applying, wash your face with luke warm water such that it opens up your pores. After application and leaving it for 10-15 minutes wash off with cold water because the cold water closes the pores of the skin back again.
2) Tea tree oil is the best natural anti bacterial oil. This can be applied normally on face wherever the acne persists.
3) Turmeric, sandalwood and neem blends are also proven to be the best treatment for acne.