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April 30, 2014

Modern Treatments For Missing Teeth

Many of us find ourselves having a missing tooth or teeth at some point in our lives. Sometimes a tooth may have to be extracted due to decay and infection, perhaps an injury or accident has damaged the tooth beyond repair. Having missing teeth can have a negative impact on people’s lives. They may be more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease as food particles can get stuck in the gaps left by the missing tooth or teeth. Also, if the missing tooth is visible this can cause low confidence and low self-esteem. Social occasions become a nightmare and laughing and smiling is no longer done in case the missing teeth are on show. Some people believe missing teeth look unattractive and put people off getting to know them.

So what options are available for missing teeth?

There are a range of modern dental treatments available for patients with missing teeth, including partial and full dentures, dental implants and dental bridge treatment with crowns. Dental implants are tiny titanium rods which are inserted into the jawbone via the gum. They act as natural tooth roots and are a permanent choice as they fully fuse to the bone in the jaw area. Once these are in place and healed, a false tooth can be screwed onto the top of the implants creating a natural look which fits in with the rest of the natural teeth. Dental implants are an increasingly popular choice as they look and feel just like natural teeth. Bite and chewing functions are fully restored leaving patients to eat all the foods they used to; hard or soft. You can find a dental implant clinic online or in a directory to find an implant clinic near you.

Crowns and Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is comprised of crowns which anchor the missing tooth in place and a false tooth to sit in place of the missing tooth. This restores patients smile and confidence without any need for surgery. The crowns are applied to the tooth either side of the missing tooth and attached in the middle is a false tooth; bridging the gap so to speak! There are a variety of options available and a number of highly skilled dentists who can offer the best advice and treatment to meet individual needs. Treating missing teeth can restore patients confidence and free them to smile and laugh without worry.


Dentures have come a long way since the days of ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures. Now, custom made, natural looking dentures are available. New innovations and technology means that only the highest quality materials are used and computerised sizing is used to make the denture look and feel as natural as possible. A popular option is implant retained dentures so you have the strength and support of the false tooth root with a very natural looking and strong denture on top of it. Many private dentists including dental suite Leicester work closely with patients to decide the best missing treatment options for them.